Drone Security is Here!

Drone security is not only a part of the future, it’s here today!  Drones can be used for various forms of security. Commercial, Residential, events, and even surveillance. Here are a few points that should be known about drone security.

All security drone operators must be licensed by the FAA.   All operators must schedule a flight plan with the closest nearby airport before lift off can even occur.  House Watch Inc. has a licensed FAA drone operator so all protocols will be followed properly.

 Large events can use drones for their security to cover more ground and can save on man power. With the ability to have a literal “birds eye view”, operators can be more attentive to issues at an event that would normally be very difficult to monitor from the ground.  Drones are more agile and faster than humans.  More ground can be covered in a shorter amount of time.  Drones can typically fit into and cover areas where a human can not.

Drones can also be used for surveillance.  Equipped with a hover feature, a drone can remain stable while airborne to get clear sight and footage of an area or person being surveilled.  Lots of drones are used for photography specifically because of their ease of mobility and use.

 House Watch Inc.  is one of the only security companies in our area offering drone security. Our Operator is licensed by the FAA.  Having an aerial aid in a security fleet can greatly increase area coverage while cutting down on man power and decreasing time. Police use helicopters, security forces use drones.