Business Security tips

Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized as homes, and small businesses are targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed. Moreover, few burglars are caught. Almost 80 percent of all burglaries go unsolved.

These statistics emphasize the fact that your business must be made as burglar-resistant as possible. There are many measures you can take to make it clear to potential burglars that your business is no place to do their business!

Consult your local crime prevention officer for information. Remember - law enforcement agencies would much rather work with you to prevent crimes than to spend time apprehending criminals.

Follow as many of these preventive measures as possible to protect your business from burglary:

Preventive Measures – The Exterior

Adequately light all exterior sides of your business, including alleyways and the parking lot, using vandal-resistant fixtures. As most store burglaries occur at night when it's dark, lighting serves as one of the most important deterrents. Install an alarm system and check it regularly for failure. Your crime prevention officer can assist you in making the right choice for a system. Post conspicuously a notice that shows you have an alarm.

Reinforce doors with long screws or bolts on heavy-duty strike plates, pop out proof hinges, or hole/nail combo at top and bottom. Replace all hollow-core doors. Issue as few keys as possible and change the locks if keys are lost or not returned by a former employee. Do not tag keys with the name of your business. Keep a log of the keys you issue.

Secure all roof openings, air ducts, skylights, air conditioning units, hatchways, doorway transoms, sidewalk and basement openings.

Do not provide concealment or climbing platforms for the burglar. Clear and maintain all debris, weeds, and shrubbery away from windows and doors. Lock up ladders and tools that could make a burglar’s job easier.

Protect windows and glass doors with transparent window film, security glazing, or roll down security panels; or install burglar-resistant glass. Use bars or grating on rear and side windows.